Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashionably Sustainable Competition : Challenging fashion designers to create responsible fashion

Asia's first sustainable fashion competition is being organized in Singapore. Sponsored by the Workforce Development Agency of Singapore and organized by the Textile and Fashion Federation of Singapore (TAFF), the competition which is titled "Fashionably Sustainable Competition" is now open for registration.

Participating fashion designers will need to create six designs that meet the sustainable fashion criteria of being environmentally and socially friendly. WDA and TAFF will organize sustainable fashion workshops to educate the participating designers in sustainable fashion principles.

WDA is Asia's first government agency which has taken initiative to promote sustainable fashion talent to keep Singapore textile fashion industry competitive as more and more multinational retailers seek to implement sustainable fashion principles across business.

Finalists will produce three selected designs into outfits which will be showcased in a sustainable fashion show in August. The winner will get $1500 cash prize and a free trip to Paris Fashion Week!

Just to add, I am deeply associated with this event. First, I helped developed the national competency framework for sustainable fashion for Singapore. Then I developed a sustainable fashion course which will be taught to WSQ Fashion Diploma students. I will also be conducting the workshop for the participants of sustainable fashion competition. More on this here.

For those interested in participating in the Fashionably Sustainable Competition, here is more information.

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