Sunday, December 29, 2013

Personal Data Protection Act
Expect More Paper Wasted?
The Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore comes into force on 2 Jan 2014 partially, and then on 2 July completely. To make it short, the Act prevents companies to use individuals' phone numbers for making unsolicited telemarketing calls including sending messages and faxes.

Will unscrupulous companies and their marketing agents turn to alternative methods to reach out to people to sell? Will they resort to sending more junk mail to your post box now? Junk mail by post or couriers is not covered by the Act.

More junk mail to our post boxes or slid under the door would mean higher consumption of paper. Much of this paper is an absolute waste. Not sustainable.

By the way, it is worth having a look at the main provisions of the Act whether you are a business or an individual in Singapore. Know your rights, and obligations! Here is the link

Sunday, February 17, 2013

EU Parliament's CSR Resolution

The EU Parliament has adopted a new CSR Resolution. The economy is still shaky. A number of companies are using this as an excuse to go slow on embracing sustainability. The EU Parliament has however gone ahead to take CSR to the next level. Commendable! Hope other countries follow the lead.
Here is the summary of the EU CSR resolution.