Monday, July 27, 2009

The New Normal for Innovation, Technology and Leadership

I will be moderating an upcoming conference "The New Normal for Innovation, Technology and Leadership" in Singapore on Nov 16-17 this year. Here is what the conference invitation says:

"The global financial crisis is a teachable event, one that is going to result in a NEW NORMAL for everyone. The NEW NORMAL will require new skill sets, including understanding advanced critical thinking, sustainable solutions and how to make your technology spend an investment, rather than a liability. Becoming not just a player but a thought leader in the new epoch arising out of the financial crisis will require leadership based upon tomorrow’s metrics of success, not today’s. Is your organization positioned to capitalize on the opportunities that will emerge as the world recovers from the global financial crisis?

The NEW NORMAL in Innovation, Technology and Leadership is designed to provide valuable knowledge and insight enabling you to be not only ready when the economy recovers, but emerge as tomorrow's leaders. To gain the most from this series, participants will be expected to undertake preparation works and during the event, will be involved in hands-on activities to test their present strategies and develop new ways of engaging and doing business; to take back to their organization. Delegates will be given the opportunities to interact one-on-one with the invited speakers and moderators.

Bring your 2010 business plan, but be prepared to tear it up and start again with your newly acquired knowledge of the coming norms."

For more information and/or registration, go here