Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's shaping CSR in Asia

Further to my comments on what is driving CSR in Asia, types of CSR activities preferred by companies in Asia, and key challenges for CSR in Asia, here are some of the recent developments in Asia that will potentially influence the course of CSR in Asia:

  • Voluntary sustainability reporting guidelines by the Singapore Stock Exchange
  • Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Voluntary CSR guidelines by the ministry of corporate affairs in India (comprehensive, core elements include care for stakeholders, ethical functioning, workers rights, human rights, environment and social development; includes need for policy, strategy, clear goals, measurement and reporting)
  • India pushing for legislation to impose CSR Tax on companies
  • Philanthropy in China: Tycoons pledging their wealth for charitable causes
  • Asian businesses making headlines for the wrong reasons:
    Foxconn, the Apple Computers supplier in China for working conditions and workers suicides, a bunch of palm oil companies for environmental destruction and human rights issues, Vedanta Resources, a mining company, for controversial mining projects in the state of Orissa in India.

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