Thursday, October 01, 2009

How to embed Corporate Responsibility across your company

A common problem that companies face is that their corporate responsibility intentions do not trickle down the organization. Functional departments do not understand how their company's CR initiatives strengthen their own performance and how these contribute to overall business goals. As a result, even key managers perceive CR as a public relations exercise. Even worse, many employees may perceive CR programmes as wasteful if they do not understand how CR goals are aligned with their business goals.

CR professionals know this. But embedding CR across the organization is a complex and time consuming task. No wonder many either do not know how to go about it or simply do not have the resources and mandate to do it.

A new guide by Ethical Corporation on How to Embed Corporate Responsibility Across Different Parts of Your Company provides useful tools for those who wish to see CR truly embded across the organisation. Here is more..

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