Friday, September 04, 2015

Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards 2015 Categories

The Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards 2015 are open for entries from organisation operating in Asia. The Awards will be given out in 14 categories. Multiple entries are allowed. The Awards include the following categories:
  1. Asia’s Best Sustainability Report
  2. Asia’s Best Integrated Report
  3. Asia’s Best First Time Sustainability Report
  4. Asia’s Best Sustainability Report (SME)
  5. Asia’s Best CSR Communication within Annual Report
  6. Asia’s Best Online CSR Communication
  7. Asia’s Best Materiality Reporting
  8. Asia’s Best Stakeholder Reporting
  9. Asia’s Best Carbon Disclosure
  10. Asia’s Best Supply Chain Reporting
  11. Asia’s Best Community Reporting
  12. Asia’s Best Workplace Reporting
  13. Asia’s Best Environmental Reporting
  14. Asia’s Most Transparent Report
 Descriptions of each category can be found on the Awards webpage at

Stay tuned to get regular updates about the Awards which aim to be the most inspiring recognition for sustainability disclosure in Asia!

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