Friday, August 19, 2011

DyStar aims to become carbon-smart company

A significant amount of environmental impact in the apparel & textile industry comes from the use of dyes, colors and chemicals. So dyes and colors manufacturers have an important role to play in promoting sustainability in the textile supply chain by developing and introducing eco-friendly chemicals. Equally important is for them to reduce their own carbon and water footprint.

DyStar Group, a top manufacturer of eco-friendly dyes for the textile industry, has taken the lead by releasing it's first carbon footprint report.

The company says "the report will serve as the baseline for measuring future progress in reducing DyStar’s carbon emissions and is a key component of what will be DyStar’s first Sustainability Report which is due to be published in Q4 2011."

Announcing the release of the report Steve Barron, CEO commented, “We are today taking the first few steps on the journey towards sustainability. As a responsible company we acknowledge that we have a critical role to play in mitigating climate change by introducing products and services that reduce carbon emissions of our customers, and by reducing our own carbon footprint.”

Barron says that Carbon reduction teams are being established at each of the major production sites to drive down the carbon intensity of the manufacturing operations and to set DyStar on the path to becoming a carbon-smart company.

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