Thursday, May 06, 2010

CSR Talk goes to INSEAD

Looking forward to making the next CSR Talk presentation at INSEAD Singapore tomorrow evening on "Corporate Responsibility for Competitive Advantage" to be attended by mainly Executive MBA students.

CSR Talk is a 30 minute power packed interactive session that is designed for those executives and leaders who want a quick, and really deep, insight into the strategic importance of corporate responsibility.

If you are interested in hosting this session, this is free for the time being, contact me for more information. Write on:

Updated on the 10th May 2010:
We had a fantastic session at INSEAD. The budgeted time for the entire session was only 30 minutes including the Q&A. But we ended up discussing well beyond 100 minutes! There was so much of interest from the participants and they had so many questions.

As I had expected, the quality of their questions was very high touching from the strategic aspects of CR to the spiritual side of CR and the future of capitalism and in between relating to hard realities on the ground.

Truly a fulfilling evening!

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