Thursday, March 12, 2009

Next CSR Social Eve on 2nd April

The first CSR Social Evening hosted by Singapore Compact on 5th march received an enthusiastic response from the CSR fraternity here. In attendance were over 40 participants from NGOs, unions, companies, academic institutions and consulting firms.

According to Singapore Compact, 'there was much networking and the feedback was good. Drinks were available at low prices and much food was provided. A number of attendees indicated that they will bring along others the next session.'

So expect a bigger gathering on the 2nd April, the next CSR Social Evening. At the same place: Union Square (The Amara Hotel Shopping Complex). The same time: 6pm.

The participants have access to drinks at discounted rates. A mug of draft beer or a pour of whiskey or a glass of wine goes for $5.35. There are a lot of other options, of course.

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